University of Leicester – MSc in Molecular Genetics

必 修

The taught laboratory course in the first semester comprises four core modules supported by a lecture course and a tutorial programme. Students will be able to select a research project from many offered by departments across the Faculty of Medicine and Biological Sciences.

學 費

£ 12100 (08-09)


University of Leicester – MSc in Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology

必 修

The course comprises five modules. The first four modules include lectures, tutorials and a three-month taught laboratory course. The fifth module comprises a 9-month cancer research project carried out in a research laboratory either at Leicester University, at a UK Cancer Research Institute or in an industrial laboratory.

學 費

£ 12100 (08-09)


University of Leicester – MSc Molecular Pathology and Toxicology

必 修

Science Skills

-- Information Technology Topics
-- Presentation Skills
-- Statistics for Biological Scientists
-- Molecular Methods, Experimental Design & Tutorials

Molecular Mechanisms

-- Introduction to Molecular Pathology, Lectures & Tutorials
-- Introduction to Molecular Toxicology, Lectures & Tutorials

Introductory Laboratory Projects

-- Molecular Pathology
-- Molecular Toxicology

Advanced Topics

-- Carcinogenesis & Cancer Biology
-- Molecular Toxicology
-- Reproductive Toxicology
-- Inflammation

Research Laboratory Placement

學 費

£ 12100 (08-09)


University of Sheffield – MSc in Statistical Genetics

必 修

-- Basic Genetics
-- Basic Human Genetics
-- Mini-project 1 & 2
-- Population Genetics
-- Gene Finding Methods
-- Advanced Methods in Genetic Epidemiology

學 費

£ 13950 (08-09)


University of Sheffield – MSc Genetic Epidemiology

必 修

-- Basic Genetics
-- Basic Human Genetics
-- Basic Statistics
-- Programming & Computing
-- Epidemiology 1 & 2
-- Population Genetics
-- Gene Finding Methods
-- Advanced Methods in Genetics Epidemiology
-- Seminar Series

學 費

£ 13950 (08-09)


University of Sheffield – MSc Molecular Medicine

3 Pathways –

The Genetics
The Experimental Medicine
The Neuroscience

必 修

Principles of Biomedical Research

-- Scientific thinking
-- Reading and writing scientific literature
-- The ethics of the use of human and animal subjects in research
-- Planning experiments for appropriate statistical analysis
-- Statistical methods
-- Data presentation
-- The detection of scientific fraud

From Genome to Gene Function

-- Detecting gene defects within the modern framework of the
Human Genome Project
-- Contemporary methods to study human gene function
-- Source high-throughput databases from human and model species
Modulating Immunity
-- Introduction to innate and adaptive immunity
-- Control of immune responses
-- Making recombinant proteins
-- Examples of recombinant proteins as immune therapeutics
-- New strategies for vaccine generation

Molecular Genetics of Human Diseases

-- Example-led examination of economically important diseases
-- Methods of analysis of Genetics of common diseases
-- Genetics in cancer
-- Genetics in circulatory disorders
-- Genetics in cardivascular diseases
-- Genetics in endocrine disorders
-- Genetics in arthritis
-- Genetics in pulmonary diseases
-- Genetics in psychiatric diseases

Genome and Sequence Analysis

-- Practical guide to web based sequence analysis
-- Obtaining DNA sequence
-- Analysing DNA and protein sequence
-- Sequence comparison
-- Presentation of sequences
-- Mapping genes through web-based gene browsers
-- Locating potential gene defects
-- Interpreting protein sequences

Scientific Essays

-- Students write two 3000-word essays
-- Develop library skills
-- Develop your ability to read scientific literature
-- Develop your scientific writing skills

Project Presentation and Laboratory Projects

選 修

The Genetics Pathway

-- Genomics, Proteomics and Informatics
-- Genetics of Host Pathogen Interactions
-- Bioinformatics Online

The Experimental Medicine Pathway

-- Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease
-- Model Systems in Medical Research
-- Novel Therapies

The Neuroscience Pathway

-- Neuropsychiatric Disease & Neuroimaging
-- Model Systems in Medical Research
-- Molecular Basis for Neurodegenerative Disease

學 費

£ 14550 (08-09)


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